“My boyfriend broke up with me, now he said he still cares for me”

hey essy,
first of all thank you for all your advice that you have given, it has really helped me. I just need some advice on this specific situation.

This is a really long story cut short. My boyfriend broke up with me, after this i ignored him and got with someone else after he told me that he never wants to get back with me. A week later he asked me out again, I said yes but I had to tell him what happend. He went completly crazy and told this to people who I didn’t want this to know.

Anyway after he calmed down we started talking again and he said he needed time and then we could sort stuff out but couldn’t help but notice that he was getting distant from me so I did what all girls do (i realise now that was bad) and you probably know what already. I kept calling him and tellin him that I love him and so on.

It all changed for me when last week he said he still cares about me but isn’t sure if he still loves me. He still wants to be friends with me.

So I sent him a mail saying that I agree with the break up and think it’s the best for both of us. He immediantly thought I had someone else, but that isn’t the case. He was getting angry cause he wants to be friends and I told him that that isn’t possible so soon after a relationship cause if he has someone new I dont wanna know about it. He just stopped talking to me, so I said that I’m not gonna force him to talk as I know its hard for him so I’m just gonna say good bye and hope you’re not gonna be angry with me. That was our last contact a couple of days ago. Now he is being spiteful and writting on his facebook profile that he is free, single and young and has never felt happier and is writting funny comments about other woman I don’t know. My friends tell me he’s just doing this to get attention but I wanted to ask you what to do now. Ignoring it is so hard as it is really hurting me. Was thinking of deleting him as friend, but then that would be showing him attention right?

Ok I said I’d keep it short and I did try, sorry. I know how busy you must be with all these emails but I do hope you find some time to give me some advice as I really have no idea what to do now.

Thank you


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