“I have my ex boyfriend’s facebook password and keep checking it” – is this wrong?

My ex boyfriend and I went out for 15 months straight and he just ended our relationship a week and a half ago [december 5th].

We were arguing on and off for that week and usually with us we would just argue and make up the same day but this argument got pretty dragged out during the week and on that saturday night there was tension between us when we were talking on the phone. I decided wednesday that week that I wanted to have a girls night with my friends on saturday since we spent every friday, saturday and sunday together and pretty much wanted a night to have for myself.

My plans ended up getting ruined but I was still going out and he was going to be near the area wh ere I was headed and I decided to call him and ask him to meet up with me but all he kept saying was “I dont want to ditch my friends and wasn’t it your idea to have time apart?” I felt like he was being a jerk cause he was mad that I decided to have a night apart so we ended up arguing and I started cursing and he ended up calling me pathetic so I hung up the phone on him.

He called me back but I never called him back and ended up leaving to chill with my friend. I ended up calling him later that night at around 1am when I was on my way home and he thought I hung up on him again but the line got disconnected and he called me back saying “alright you know what gaby?! im done”. I explained how the line got disconnected and he felt stupid but I ended up feeling like crap because something just didnt feel right about us.

Later that night when I got home he called me and talked to me like nothing was wrong but I told him how I felt about everything and told him that I thought he was be ing disrespectful and obnoxious with me on the phone and he ended up telling me that he thought it would just be better for us to end what we had because it was just too much for the both of us, all the arguing really got to him and I ended up having a panic attack over the phone because I didnt believe he was honestly ending it with me over an argument, I had to beg him to meet me the next day and he didnt want to but he ended up saying yes regardless.

We ended up staying on the phone all night that night, we said good night I love you to each other regardless that he had just broken up with me then the next morning I woke up told him I loved him he said the same to me and he told me he would call me after breakfast, he ended up calling me an hour and a half later telling me he wanted me to leave my house 15 mins after we hung up the phone. I drove to him talked to him for a half hour and told him I wasnt going to beg him to be with me and it was his choice if he wanted to be wi th me or not.

He said that he just didnt want me going around calling him an asshole [which I havent done] and I told him that he should call me in a week to tell me if this is something he really wanted, he ended up saying that he would call me and that the choice of us not being together was for the better and that it was a choice for the both of us even though I told him that it wasn’t something I wanted, a full week passed and he never called. We’re friends on facebook and he was posting up statuses saying “finally everything is in its place” two days after we broke up, the sunday he was suppose to call me his status was “fuck it 1 life” and he kept updating statuses similar to those even making it obvious that the day before he was suppose to call me he was going out with friends because he was writing it on every guy’s wall that we were mutual friends with. Recently his statuses have been “driving around thinking”, “fuck it smh son” and some were just pointless and stupid.

I decided to just deactivate my facebook two nights ago because I couldn’t stand to see his statuses anymore. I have his facebook password & I’ve been going on his facebook reading his messages and he sent a message to his friend 3 nights ago saying that he doesn’t want to talk to me. I was talking to his friends gf and he thought it was about him and got mad, all i wrote on her wall was that I had to tell her something funny and that I’d inbox her, he thought we were talking shit and wanted to delete me for it but I ended up messaging my friends bf telling him that we weren’t talking about him and they felt stupid because we pulled it off.

I felt like his statuses were directed towards me even though he told my friend they weren’t [yeah right b.s.] he was flirting with other girls to try and make me jealous but it doesn’t work, the girl even said she has a bf. He’s 2 years younger than me, he’s 17 & I’m 19 I’m his longest relationship, I’m the only one of his gf’s who hasn’t “fucked h im over” since he told me it’s happened to him. I was the best out of every girl he’s had cause I would do things for him I would never do for any other guy. Hes the first guy I fell in love with, I lost my virginity to him and we’ve just been through so much. He bought me an engagement ring and never had the chance to give it to me because he was still paying for it, I just want to know if we will ever get back together. Everyone keeps saying we’ll get back together but by what hes doing its hard for me to believe. I wanted to text him the 26th to tell him I wanted my things back but idk if I should. :/

Now that he has no way of knowing what I’m doing since I’m no longer on facebook, what can I do to try and get him back? Should I just wait for him to finally call? I won’t sit around and wait for him, he’s so stubborn! I haven’t called him or tried talking to him or even updated statuses on facebook making it obvious that I’m upset, so whats there for me to do now? Is he going to come back? How can I get him to beg to be with me again? Thanks for your time in answering these questions for me girl, it really means a lot to know that maybe there is hope for me. :)

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1 anonymous April 11, 2011 at 4:54 am

If your boyfriend is forcing you to spend time with him, then this shows that he has absolutely NO respect for you, whether he says he does or not. Don’t even bother with him. Just give up, and find someone who is easy going, and won’t make you do what you don’t want to do. My girlfriend and I have a great relationship, and we don’t spend EVERY day together. We still have plenty enough alone time, and if a plan is ruined, just go with the flow, and talk things through calmly. You seem to be a real sweet girl. Keep it up, and just be positive throughout life. Don’t bother messing with him. It could just make things worse, and revenge doesn’t mean anything other than EVIL in bold caps letters.


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