“How To Make Him Want You Back?”
(Here’s My Advice)

A bit of reverse psychology goes a long way :)

q. My boyfriend and I split up a while back, but I still have strong feelings for him. However, he acts very cold and distant towards me. How do I make him want me back?

I get asked this question a lot. Have you ever seen Aladdin? The genie could grant any wish, except he couldn’t force somebody to fall in love with someone else. That’s because of that annoying thing called ‘free will’.

You can’t force your guy to fall back in love with you. And the harder you try and convince him to get back with you, the more you are going to push him away.

The way to make him want you back, therefore, is to allow him to come to his own decision that he wants you back. This involves a couple of things: 1) to stop doing things that are pushing him away right now like calling him incessantly, and 2) to use a bit of reverse psychology to ‘get inside his head’.

This video I made goes into a bit more detail. Pay particular attention to the ‘salsa dancing’ example I give in the second half:

After you have watched the video, go here to see some extra resources you might find useful in your quest to get your ex boyfriend to want you back.

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1 Samantha January 12, 2011 at 12:00 am

I read your article and loved your advice that you share. But im not sure if i fit into the idea situation like you were talking about. I was seeing this guy for almost two years and it was at the point were we were living together and next thing i know we were fighting over every little thing.. Well needless to say we broke up and it hurt me and still does. Well it didnt stop there, we still hang out and still get along just like we did when we were dating and everything seems normal, but now he says he isnt looking for a relationship.. AND to top it all off.. while we werent dating there was a time that we slept together and now we have a beautiful 8 month old son together..And seeing him all the time and knowing we arent together right now breaks me up over and over.. I need help on what to do.. You know get that love that we had brought back up to the surface so to speak


2 Serenity January 12, 2011 at 12:00 am

Hi i just went on my ex boyfriends face book and it says that he is married to his ex! i am dying inside i really want to be back into his arms and him holding me instead of his ex! read my other passage to help me more please!


3 Laura April 25, 2011 at 11:56 pm

Loved the video:-)

ok so i was going with this boy or whatever for almost a year then we stopped talking. For about a month because my phone wasn’t working and I guess his wasn’t either so my friend told me he was cheating on me on facebook with another girl. She asked him if we still went out and he didn’t reply to her message and I want to say something to the girl soo bad but I’m not because I’m better than that. I just don’t know what to do now. My life is so boring without him and I want him back but then I don’t! I’m just really confused.


4 kenneth July 24, 2011 at 4:09 am

this may seem foolish to others..but is it maybe because LOVE IS BLIND&STUPID..i am 43..my b.f. 65..had 6 divorce..9 grown up kids..hes in every DATING WEBSITE..and i learned that hes having 2 or more g. f. at the same time that we’re together..were living together for 1 year and a half now..we fight,i packed my stuff maybe more than 1o times.. but everytime he calls me..i MELT… and back on his arms again..and then always vowed that we both change that i should stop being so possesive&super jealous and he said all the fight we had was no evidence coz i didnt have concrete proof that he was cheating on me..so i should settle my mind that hes not doing anything& were living together so there’s no any other woman as i claim…and the story goes on and on,on the slightest moment i feel hes cheating on me..i go!!but i dont know if now that wer off again..if theres any chance for our whirlwind relationship..i am upset&devastated coz i really love this guy…


5 Kara December 20, 2011 at 6:28 am

Me and this guy were dating on and off for about a year when my parents got between us. We’ve been talking since then but everytime I bring us up he says he doesn’t want a relationship. What should I do?


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