“Ex boyfriend has begun dating the week after we broke up” – is it over?

Hello Essy,

Thanks for the advice and tips they are much needed but I’m at a quandary. Me and my ex boyfriend of a year and a half have been apart ever since late October but it wasn’t until recently that I started No contact. I have been doing so for 2 weeks now. I’m doing great. But now I’ve gotten word that he is dating someone else.

As soon as I started no contact, that week he begins to date. I’m not sure if I should stick to it until he initiates or should I keep contact. I’m not too sure about anything anymore. During the first few weeks of our break up, we were trying to work things out but I was doing all the wrong things…pressuring him to come back was a major one. And a little before Thanksgiving, he tells me that he’s happier without me and said we should move on and just be friends. I didn’t speak to him after that but he emailed me to wish me a Happy Thanksgiving and we started to talk again but I felt that I was just being an emotional support for him. It felt as though he was sucking me dry and I asked him if we were ever going to get back together, still forcing it. He then puts on his Facebook status that I need to let it go. Ever since then, I initiated no contact. I haven’t talked to him or told him that I planned on taking a step away from him. Now that I’ve done that, he’s moved on to someone else. I’m not sure what to do next. Please let me know. Thanks a lot.



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